CV and LinkedIn; One-Time Investment


                                                                                            Many people are applying for Job opportunities daily but still not getting an answer. 

Recruiters can look for your CV and LinkedIn for about 6 seconds. So will you know that they will choose you?  

First impressions always count, especially when it comes to a job application.

While you can have all the right qualifications they search for, you still don’t know how to invest in yourself.

A lot of people show their weaknesses like “ I haven’t been working for two years” instead of putting the years they have been working and their achievements.  

You can also write the most general skills, such as “Working Under Pressure,” instead of adding your Technical Skills that are more essential and related to your career. 

You will never know when your LinkedIn profile will be seen by recruiters if you were already not filled out your 3,000 words in your Summary. 

You need to re-present yourself right. Many people struggle to represent themselves and only focus on their experience and talking about themselves instead of showing their achievements, how they helped their previous companies, and how they will help their new ones.

Making a CV and LinkedIn profile that will catch recruiters' attention is the true investment.


Recruiters aren’t going to hire you when they know some general skills about you or that you worked for a company’s name. Instead, they will hire you when you tell them how did you help the company. What did you do for them? 

“How unique are you for them to say: I Want You In My Company.”  

And this will only happen once you start investing in yourself. It only happens once when you start to show off all your talents and how you are competitive and ready to help them. 

If you don’t have achievements also, you can write any achievements in any volunteering experience you joined or something you learned from.

If you’re applying for a specific job, try and search for keywords related to the job you’re searching for.

Adding Keywords will help you more with ATS “Applicant Tracking System,” as this system filters all the CVs and chooses some based on relevant keywords.

In this case, you will guarantee to be recognized in the minds of the recruiters.